hey i forgot i had this website entirely again. haven't cooked anything interesting, therapy is kind of stalling out because i've been venting instead of working on things. i'm probably in a depressive state because i haven't left my room in a while. friend is moving out this week, i'm really worried for everyone's wellbeing. after the crossfit jerks leave town in what a week or so, i'm thinking of trying to join yoga. maybe get out more since my emotional support housemate will be gone.

on the other hand, hippie christmas is also upon us, so i've been starting to hunt. scrappers have been fast this year, but so far i got some nice drinking glasses. decided against the tv because i have nowhere to put it. as always, my targets are electronics and cookware. dream find is a fucked up laptop so i can do foss pervert things to it, but i'm not sure where the apartments that people who would chuck a laptop live are. maybe north end where i don't usually go. if it stays slow today, i should check it out