I dreamt the world ended.

It wasn't sudden. Everyone knew it was coming. At night, the moon was dim and a flickering double image. Lights from dozens of airplanes streaked the sky as various governments jockeyed scientific airplanes to collect data about what's coming, but none of it was getting to the public. I tried to look up where the asteroid was but the space website was showing generic educational information. But we knew. The stars were so bright. I went outside and walked through a city. It was busy as a weekend, with people at restaurants and shops. Maybe the sun was just gone instead. Under an overpass, I found a woman getting attacked by a bunch of congregants from her religious sect. The sky went flat, bright white. Everyone stopped and she just walked away. Someone was talking about how all the tv channels ceased to broadcast. I followed the woman to the shore of the lake. I was trying to remember a song about how much of a relief the world ending is but all that came to mind is Andrew Bird – Simple X, which wasn't right. I sang anyways. Someone shouted, the asteroid was visible in the northwestern sky. It was maybe city-sized, grey and cratered and very close. People started counting down like it was New Years, exclaiming “happy death day” at the end, then cheering since we were 5 seconds early. It hit. It wasn't a bright spectacle, just a sudden wall of earth and stone raining down. I covered my face to avoid the fine sand. We got buried in seconds. I could feel the weight of all the dirt over me, and people around me. We were alive and could probably dig our way out but nobody really wanted to. This is where I woke up. It's 6am. I feel slightly disoriented. I don't really want to return to mundane life. You shouldn't have prophetic dreams on a Monday.

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