I ran out of magnesium pills and ended up crying in the bathroom the other day. It's ok, everyone has been having an entire mental health lately. I finally changed my sheets and did my laundry so I think I'm on an upswing, fingers crossed. Hopefully I remember why I was so sad by the time therapy rolls around this weekend.

Also what's going on: a client at work sent me a $100 gift card to a local upscale restaurant group. Already spent $20 on happy hour at the breakfast spot (oh that's why i was crying, i was drunk at 5pm) and I'll probably go to the burger spot this Saturday. I'll probably kill it at the Italian place next week.

Oh and Thursday dinner fit check: I made tofu “beef” broccoli. The sauce turned out perfect, but I haven't quite figured out how to make crispy tofu. I finally got the coating to stick and the tofu to not crumble, but I simply cannot figure out how to panfry. Maybe if I bake it, it'll work.

Trashy hot tip: simple syrup works as a sub for mirin as a sweetener if you have other cooking wine like shaoxing to add the yeasty smell.