It's Thursday night you know what that means.

I don't really make something unique for dinner today, just some corn soup that's been in my Paprika collection for a while.

a bowl full of diced potatos same sized bowl half full of fresh corn probably a couple onions but i was on a tight schedule so i used powder 3-4 scoops of jarlic pepper msg it called for celery salt but i used coriander it called for smoked paprika but i used chipotle powder i found the smoked sea salt cumin 4 cups broth 2 cans coconut milk

instant pot time sautee button blob of olive oil sizzle the garlic and bloom the spices at the same time

dump in the potatoes and stir until the spices stick and they're a little warm broth, milk, corn goes here a little more spices to be safe instant the pot on high for 10-15 min soup

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