Lmao I haven't posted in a month whoops.

Things are still emotionally kind of bad, but maybe that just means the EMDR is working who knows.

The house has also been kind of fucky, we're going to have another 50% turnover and someone who I assume isn't leaving wants to stop paying house dues so is essentially not a part of things. Maybe 3 people total actually care about the house right now, and one of them is part of the turnover. I wish I had the self esteem to go on strike. I've been starting shit in the group chat about how people are disrespecting 50 years of house history but I'm probably just the bad guy now. People are here for the half price rent not because they want to live in an intentional community.

It's finally summer so tomatoes are good again.

My annual curated clothing box arrived and I liked most of it this time, even though when I looked up the brands some of it is from Target. I'm less upset now than when I discovered that, and if I really cared I should just bus down to the big Target and buy my own clothes.

180 days until my vacation.