Chag samach my dudes, it's passover. As your resident chopped champion, I weirdly enjoy restrictive cooking, and this week is no unvetted bread products, basically only matzo.

I basically followed the New York Times recipe, but veganized it.

a baking tray with matzo lasagna. There's a ton of tomato sauce and fake cheese Look at that handsome lad.

For fake ricotta, you take a bunch of cashews, throw them in a normal blender. Cover them with hot water. Your spices are nooch, black pepper, brown mustard, lemon juice, salt. You don't need much mustard for this. (If you're making cheddar sauce in the future, use a ton of mustard for that) Let this soak for idk 20 minutes while you're doing other prep, it'll thicken up real good.

Also this is probably more obvious, but a nice fermenty soy sauce is perfect in the tomato sauce to replace the anchovies.

Also all the spices are interchangeable. Remember your Italian herbs: basil, oregano, rosemary, sage. If you don't have one you can use any of the others.

Keep an eye on your pepper flake usage, I almost used too much.

Matzo gets really floppy, it's a bit softer than noodles but tastes just as good to a little better if you like to just mindlessly munch on Ritz crackers like I do.

Merry passover, happy MJF day, and good tidings to you

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