My cousin messaged me this morning because they just noticed that I wasn't in the extended family group chat that apparently has been running since 2021. I never even heard about it until today.

On one hand I'm incredibly offended and will be using this as fresh “nobody will notice if I die” anxiety fodder, but on the other hand it makes sense they left me out because I'm the only single and childless person in the entire extended family over the age of like 21.

I probably shouldn't have accepted the invitation because they're already posting photos of how their kids are on a spring break trip to the Caribbean while I continue to live with a dozen housemates and am saving up for a single fancy dinner.

I'm actually actively making myself feel worse as I write this so I'm going to stop, put a snip a couple paragraphs up so I won't have to look at this anymore and go back to watching my disaster videos. #diary