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i will never log off

I guess I fucking booked a cruise.

I've been thinking about it for a few months, and the fact that it showed up in a dream means I might as well go and do it.

I've been saving money for years and will never own a house, so what's $2000 for a week getting absolutely drunk at a sci fi con for old people. That's how much WorldCon cost me in the end, and it didn't even have food included.


Chag samach my dudes, it's passover. As your resident chopped champion, I weirdly enjoy restrictive cooking, and this week is no unvetted bread products, basically only matzo.

I basically followed the New York Times recipe, but veganized it.


It was my turn to cook dinner today. I started feeling really upset partway through. The food wasn't as good as I would have liked and I just new I would be made fun of because my last 2 dinners were also bad. It's like I spontaneously forgot how to cook. I just made some tofu slurry and salt pickled cucumber and went immediately to bed without speaking to anyone.


I skipped out of work early to finally attend a smelt fry. They're a rare fish that's only available in early spring and I keep missing them every year until today.

If you're not a Midwesterner, smelt are little fish, maybe 4 inches long, that you eat whole (sans head). Imagine baby cod.

You know what, it was just fine. They're not a very flavorful sweetfish, but it's pleasing to crunch on their little tails. I probably won't go out of my way to do this again, but I'm glad I finally went.

I guess I'm spoiled by my stinky preserved fish and don't like deep fried anymore.

It was super greasy so I got off the bus a few stops early and bikeshared home to help digest it a little.

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Last night I had a nightmare about a toilet full of centipedes.

I hope I sleep better tonight.

Edit: hit 365 days in Duolingo yet Я все еще не очень хорошо говорю по-русски

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there's too many emails, as a concept

on a whim i decided to clean out my gmail since it's been yelling at me about running out of space.

i'm two days into it, have 80k messages moved to trash, and i still haven't touched the stuff that i'm wondering if i should like donate to a museum.

i'm not kidding, i have a 2005 welcome to gmail, a bunch of old myspace stuff, the time i joined somethingawful, the time i got banned from pokemon go, and all the “we're closing forever” messages from toys r us.

it's like finding a newspaper from the moon landing under a stack of cardboard boxes full of kmart flyers at a hoarder's house

i want to see how many gb i've deleted so far

edit: 5gb freed up. the whole internet will probably run a little faster now


The local grocery was having a sale on frozen chicken breasts for $2/lb so I decided to splurge since I've been eating like shit lately. Finally sous vide'd one up today. It was marinated in a homemade pseudo ssamjang made from hoisin, gojujang, a little agave syrup, and some minced garlic. 2 hours at 149 (only 1 hour needed if it's not frozen). Let it rest afterwards inside the bag but out of the bath for another 10 minutes. Then I shredded it, mixed in 2 more spoonfuls of the sauce I marinated it with, and made a kbbq sandwich. I just wished I had some vinegary slaw to top it with, but the fresh spinach worked.

I really should have made more for my lunches this week, but I should be fine unless 3 people in a row make noodles again.

I'll definitely be making some sort of bean soup for my dinner shift Thursday.

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My cousin messaged me this morning because they just noticed that I wasn't in the extended family group chat that apparently has been running since 2021. I never even heard about it until today.


i'm a couple days late, but the first true sign of spring just dropped: the city bikeshare is back. they reduced the seasonlong edu pass price too, and the college i went to 15 years ago still hasn't deactivated my email, so $20 unlimited bike rides baby.

next step is to actually use it more often so maybe i won't get heat stroke when it's 80 out again #diary

I'm really angry at myself about how much I like this