trapped online

i will never log off

you know what needs to be more popular?

the PGP word list

sometimes you just need a phonetic hexadecimal alphabet, don't ask for actual examples.

i just love useless codes. if i had to make a numbers station just to like harass people who still listen to the radio as opposed to actually communicate something important, i'd use it.

in a perfect world, it would be combined with the EFF passphrase list purely for their technique to prevent typos and make it easier for autocorrect to pick the right word.

#linkroll #wikipedia #trivia #codes

I'm not one to recipe blog, but I'm really proud of this. it's the first recipe i ever fully created myself, as opposed to following and tweaking.

co op size dumpling chowder

(15 servings / 1 stockpot) – takes 1 person 2 hours total