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I was cleaning and found one of my paper diaries. I've switched to that for my general updates, sorry one reader. I'm not really certain what I'll be doing with this blog now, especially since I'm off the cooking shift this round because I deserve a break. Maybe I should close it down and have something else under this domain, idk


A list of news since I suck at blogging

  • I got a raspberry pi. It's running home assistant and adguard. It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to get the house router to accept the DNS without somehow reassigning everyone's IP address
  • I watched both aew ppvs, it was all very good. Love to watch my blorbos, and I'm elated Punk is fired
  • I learned that unwashed sushi rice makes fantastic creamy risotto without any dairy or fake dairy whatsoever
  • I'm definitely going on the cruise over Christmas, avenge my death (I'm excited, it's going to be fun)
  • I went to Taste of Madison, the frog legs were good and the Korean corn dogs were bad
  • all of the new housemates have moved in, I'm feeling cautiously optimistic about house cohesion. If it doesn't end up working, I'll probably just leave and just give up my walkable neighborhood forever
  • impulse bought a ticket to the Gareth Emery show, I hope that club is less creepy and bad as it was when I last was there what 8 years ago
  • I retagged my entire music library again because I noticed the genres had errors, it took 5 days
  • I miss the slow internet


hey i forgot i had this website entirely again. haven't cooked anything interesting, therapy is kind of stalling out because i've been venting instead of working on things. i'm probably in a depressive state because i haven't left my room in a while. friend is moving out this week, i'm really worried for everyone's wellbeing. after the crossfit jerks leave town in what a week or so, i'm thinking of trying to join yoga. maybe get out more since my emotional support housemate will be gone.

on the other hand, hippie christmas is also upon us, so i've been starting to hunt. scrappers have been fast this year, but so far i got some nice drinking glasses. decided against the tv because i have nowhere to put it. as always, my targets are electronics and cookware. dream find is a fucked up laptop so i can do foss pervert things to it, but i'm not sure where the apartments that people who would chuck a laptop live are. maybe north end where i don't usually go. if it stays slow today, i should check it out


Lmao I haven't posted in a month whoops.

Things are still emotionally kind of bad, but maybe that just means the EMDR is working who knows.

The house has also been kind of fucky, we're going to have another 50% turnover and someone who I assume isn't leaving wants to stop paying house dues so is essentially not a part of things. Maybe 3 people total actually care about the house right now, and one of them is part of the turnover. I wish I had the self esteem to go on strike. I've been starting shit in the group chat about how people are disrespecting 50 years of house history but I'm probably just the bad guy now. People are here for the half price rent not because they want to live in an intentional community.

It's finally summer so tomatoes are good again.

My annual curated clothing box arrived and I liked most of it this time, even though when I looked up the brands some of it is from Target. I'm less upset now than when I discovered that, and if I really cared I should just bus down to the big Target and buy my own clothes.

180 days until my vacation.


shit sucks.


I ran out of magnesium pills and ended up crying in the bathroom the other day. It's ok, everyone has been having an entire mental health lately. I finally changed my sheets and did my laundry so I think I'm on an upswing, fingers crossed. Hopefully I remember why I was so sad by the time therapy rolls around this weekend.

Also what's going on: a client at work sent me a $100 gift card to a local upscale restaurant group. Already spent $20 on happy hour at the breakfast spot (oh that's why i was crying, i was drunk at 5pm) and I'll probably go to the burger spot this Saturday. I'll probably kill it at the Italian place next week.

Oh and Thursday dinner fit check: I made tofu “beef” broccoli. The sauce turned out perfect, but I haven't quite figured out how to make crispy tofu. I finally got the coating to stick and the tofu to not crumble, but I simply cannot figure out how to panfry. Maybe if I bake it, it'll work.

Trashy hot tip: simple syrup works as a sub for mirin as a sweetener if you have other cooking wine like shaoxing to add the yeasty smell.


Ope I haven't been writing in a hot minute.

I visited some friends in Milwaukee the other day and we all went to see the AEW show. It's always fun watching a wrestle in person, but everyone was getting so sleepy once it hit like 10pm. You know reddit is going to be pissed about how everyone was too tired to cheer but oh well. Also I forgot to bring my MJF scarf :((

I have the day off today so I've been napping in the sun and will be teaching new housemate how to bake challah for tonight. Might swing by the farmers market tomorrow since it's back in summer mode for the season


I guess I fucking booked a cruise.

I've been thinking about it for a few months, and the fact that it showed up in a dream means I might as well go and do it.

I've been saving money for years and will never own a house, so what's $2000 for a week getting absolutely drunk at a sci fi con for old people. That's how much WorldCon cost me in the end, and it didn't even have food included.


It was my turn to cook dinner today. I started feeling really upset partway through. The food wasn't as good as I would have liked and I just new I would be made fun of because my last 2 dinners were also bad. It's like I spontaneously forgot how to cook. I just made some tofu slurry and salt pickled cucumber and went immediately to bed without speaking to anyone.


I skipped out of work early to finally attend a smelt fry. They're a rare fish that's only available in early spring and I keep missing them every year until today.

If you're not a Midwesterner, smelt are little fish, maybe 4 inches long, that you eat whole (sans head). Imagine baby cod.

You know what, it was just fine. They're not a very flavorful sweetfish, but it's pleasing to crunch on their little tails. I probably won't go out of my way to do this again, but I'm glad I finally went.

I guess I'm spoiled by my stinky preserved fish and don't like deep fried anymore.

It was super greasy so I got off the bus a few stops early and bikeshared home to help digest it a little.

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