trapped online


Last night I had a nightmare about a toilet full of centipedes.

I hope I sleep better tonight.

Edit: hit 365 days in Duolingo yet Я все еще не очень хорошо говорю по-русски

#diary #dreamjournal

there's too many emails, as a concept

on a whim i decided to clean out my gmail since it's been yelling at me about running out of space.

i'm two days into it, have 80k messages moved to trash, and i still haven't touched the stuff that i'm wondering if i should like donate to a museum.

i'm not kidding, i have a 2005 welcome to gmail, a bunch of old myspace stuff, the time i joined somethingawful, the time i got banned from pokemon go, and all the “we're closing forever” messages from toys r us.

it's like finding a newspaper from the moon landing under a stack of cardboard boxes full of kmart flyers at a hoarder's house

i want to see how many gb i've deleted so far

edit: 5gb freed up. the whole internet will probably run a little faster now


My cousin messaged me this morning because they just noticed that I wasn't in the extended family group chat that apparently has been running since 2021. I never even heard about it until today.


i'm a couple days late, but the first true sign of spring just dropped: the city bikeshare is back. they reduced the seasonlong edu pass price too, and the college i went to 15 years ago still hasn't deactivated my email, so $20 unlimited bike rides baby.

next step is to actually use it more often so maybe i won't get heat stroke when it's 80 out again #diary