koreanish pulled chicken sandwich

The local grocery was having a sale on frozen chicken breasts for $2/lb so I decided to splurge since I've been eating like shit lately. Finally sous vide'd one up today. It was marinated in a homemade pseudo ssamjang made from hoisin, gojujang, a little agave syrup, and some minced garlic. 2 hours at 149 (only 1 hour needed if it's not frozen). Let it rest afterwards inside the bag but out of the bath for another 10 minutes. Then I shredded it, mixed in 2 more spoonfuls of the sauce I marinated it with, and made a kbbq sandwich. I just wished I had some vinegary slaw to top it with, but the fresh spinach worked.

I really should have made more for my lunches this week, but I should be fine unless 3 people in a row make noodles again.

I'll definitely be making some sort of bean soup for my dinner shift Thursday.

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