went to a really fancy restaurant last week

it was a fantastic fancy tasting menu restaurant and nearly died because it was 13 courses plus wine. pix and review to follow under the fold. very picture heavy, careful if you're doing some tinyweb thing or have a low data plan

first off, here's the menu. refer to it for the following:

thin crust pizza, evoo

thin crust pizza, evoo this was basically a really oily pizza pringle. it was delicious, but already a lot since other people shared it but i was given my own???

shrimp, almond, cherry

shrimp, almond, cherry guys, this had green almonds! i've never had that before, they taste like a mix between edamame and edamame pods. this was my favorite because i'm a shrimp fiend

peas, ham, cream

peas, ham, cream a conceptual split pea soup, yes that's whipped cream on top. sadly kind of a waste of pea shoots imo, they got lost in the rest of the peas.

fiddlehead, asparagus, bleu

fiddlehead, asparagus, bleu eating fiddleheads has been on my bucket list. and the brush things? pickled spruce tips! i'm so happy spring spruce shoots are as delicious as they look

farina, boar

farina, boar the chef had a wonderful story about how he harvested the wild boar on his friend's property himself. i'm kind of sad it just tasted like beef. like it didn't even have that springy texture ground farmed pork has. oh well, one game meat down. i bet i'd like bear since this wasn't funky enough for me.

scallop, cucumber, curry

scallop, cucumber, curry this one had cucamelons! they're like grape-shaped pickles! somehow more interesting than this huge cupcake-sized scallop

lamb, rhubarb, seeds

lamb, rhubarb, seeds this was about where i got uncomfortably full so i can't remember much. i like lamb and the rhubarb bbq sauce was good

trout, egg, onion

trout, egg, onion trout, eggs, and trout eggs. the onion is the purple mush. i soldiered through the crackers and roe like a champ and tapped out for the filet and saved it for the following day. i love fish and fish eggs, it's a tragedy.

“arthur”, yam

"arthur", yam i barely remember much about this, i think i blacked out for a little bit. i think arthur is the name of the fancy cheese they used? they just mashed it into a port wine cheese i guess because the chef said he was mad nobody appreciates cheese rinds.

cactus, chevre

cactus, chevre chef had a story about how he tried to grow cactus in his wisconsin yard and how it almost died so he gave up and bought nopales from the mexican grocery for this. it was fine. half in pain and half unimpressed because i've had nopales before idk

chocolate, mint, worms

chocolate, mint, worms a tiny bit disappointed that they didn't use real worms because i'm an entomophagy creep, but this was also really good. a classic worms n dirt, they made their own gummis and everything. the plants are fresh peppermint, i again was almost dead so i also took this home. just as good out of the tupperware of shame as out of the planter.

pineapple weed, chili mango

pineapple weed, chili mango the couple sitting next to me made a /r/weneedplates joke. the chili mango was good but again nothing to write home about because apparently white people using tajin is gourmet idk. what was special was the chocolate bar! i've never heard of pineapple weed, and apparently it's a feral relative of chamomile. i need to find it to make some tea out of it.

sally's cookie sally was a friend of the chef's apparently. standard black pepper shortbread. i really wanted to go home so i packed this too.

so long story short, i had a good time, it was my fault for eating something that day before going. i was warned. i don't know if i want to go back alone, maybe if i ever get someone who i like enough to let eat off my plate it'll work.

9/10, ate so much that i almost lost consciousness yet somehow was able to bike home.

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